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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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This is a mirror of the list of spells on the iesdp, put here purely so that test comments can be added.

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General problems

  • none of the cinematic spells that are supposed to pause the game seem to do that.
    • ^note to devteam: for most spells, that is a major improvement :)
  • RESEARCH a lot of area effect spells dont seem to allow targeting the ground
    • which and did they in the original? Eg. fire and ice can only target one even there …
  • casting any spell uses an ugly pixel waterfall effect instead of the stylish casting flashies™
  • RECHECK are screen colour fades still annoyingly wrong?
  • RESEARCH seems like effect timing mode “delayed” and “delayed duration” worked differently in pst and are causing unwanted delays … check each problematic spell to see what type of effect timing it is using and note it
    • In original PST, all spells are instantly casted

Helpful Files

A save game with a fully hacked mage character:


  • Untested: Not specifically confirmed as either working or non working
  • Partial Errors: Spell is nearly there, but has minor quirks that need ironing out
  • Unusuable: Dont use this spell, it either ruins the game or doesnt work
  • Seems peachy: Spell seems to work as described or expected

Mage 1

  • SPWI101 Chromatic Orb
  • SPWI102 Armor
  • SPWI103 Minor Embalming
  • SPWI104 Fist of Iron (spellcasting is disabled via miscasting, not buttons like in other games)
  • SPWI105 Identify
  • SPWI107 Magic Missile
  • SPWI108 Pacify cast fx is a bit delayed (7 in the data; normal)?
  • SPWI111 Shield effects are delayed, but that's what the data says (timing mode: 4-delayed)
  • SPWI113 Missile of Patience recheck
  • SPWI114 Friends
  • SPWI115 Blindness
  • SPWI116 Tongues of Flamefirmp.bam/spburn.bam
  • SPWI117 Seeking Flames fx worked, not checked for parity with original game
  • SPWI118 Scripture of Steel
  • SPWI119 Submerge the Will effects are delayed, but that's what the data says (timing mode: 4-delayed)
  • SPWI120 Viquar's Eye
  • SPWI121 Reign of Anger

Mage 2

  • SPWI201 Adder's Kiss no visual fx
  • SPWI202 Black-Barbed Curse - Causes extreme brownness. Damage and visuals very delayed
  • SPWI203 Black-Barbed Shield ac bonus seems to stack. causes blinding screen whiteout.
  • SPWI204 Blood Bridge sound and animation take a minute to take effect. no discernible spell effect
  • SPWI205 Greater Embalming grants maxhp but no bonus hp given
  • SPWI207 Ice Knife - Only allows shooting one missile
  • SPWI209 Pain Mirror
  • SPWI211 Strength anims work. strength bonus stacks and is permanent.
  • SPWI212 Swarm Curse spell appears to work, but animations time out very quickly
  • SPWI213 Horror does not seem to scare anyone
  • SPWI214 Luck
  • SPWI215 Knock
  • SPWI216 Blur
  • SPWI217 Ignus' Terror Puts actor in panic state, but panic state makes no difference
  • SPWI218 Infernal Orb as with pacify, stunning effect makes creature unassailable
  • SPWI219 Power of Onevisual effect works, no strength bonus

Mage 3

  • SPWI301 Ball Lightningf damage works.
  • SPWI304 Cloak of Warding seems to work?
  • SPWI305 Elysium's Tears screen flashes a bit messy
  • SPWI307 Hold Undead makes screen go orange. hold effect seems to be very inneffectual
  • SPWI308 Tasha's Unbearable Derisive Laughter fx seem to work. 50 console errors for spring.bam and no visual/sound effect
  • SPWI309 Vampiric Touch no discernible effect
  • SPWI310 Ax of Torment Causes horrible repeating sound effect overload that doesnt go away
  • SPWI311 Zerthimon's Focus unable to discern success
  • SPWI312 Infernal Shield
  • SPWI313 Fiery Rain fire drops work, screen fades to yellow
  • SPWI314 Balance in all Things pain reflection doesn't work

Mage 4

  • SPWI401 Blacksphere Does not cause damage, couldn't find
  • SPWI402 Confusion Gfx work, state change applies, actor behaviour does not change
  • SPWI405 Force Missiles Would work, but only able to fire one missile
  • SPWI406 Improved Strength str mod is permanent
  • SPWI408 Shroud of Shadows Blacks out screen, trans works, no spell effect
  • SPWI409 Remove Curse nope, still stuck with cursed items
  • SPWI410 Elemental Strike another spell where limit is one missile

Mage 5

  • SPWI501 Cloudkill seems to work well, despite the lack of pausing
  • SPWI502 Cone of Cold frozen creatures can't be targeted, cone bam can be misoriented (no right-facing frames?)
  • SPWI504 Enoll Eva's Duplication
  • SPWI505 Desert Hell freezes game
  • SPWI506 Fire and Ice

Mage 6

  • SPWI601 Antimagic Shell
  • SPWI602 Globe of Invulnerability
  • SPWI603 Howl of Pandemonium
  • SPWI604 Chain Lightning Storm

Mage 7

  • SPWI701 Acid Storm Gfx work but stuck on endless loop.
  • SPWI702 Bladestorm Gfx a bit strange, but there, damage works
  • SPWI704 Guardian Mantle Mantle takes a minute to appear, seemingly no bonus
  • SPWI705 Stygian Ice Storm Seemingly no spell effect

Mage 8

  • SPWI802 Meteor Storm Bombardment Unable to cast ?? No discernable effect
  • SPWI803 Deathbolt - Some graphics work
  • SPWI804 Ignus' Fury
  • SPWI805 Power Word: Blind
  • SPWI807 Mechanus' Cannon

Mage 9

  • SPWI901 Celestial Host
  • SPWI902 Conflagration
  • SPWI905 Elysium's Fires
  • SPWI909 Power Word: Kill
  • UnusableSPWI912 Abyssal Fury (missing projectile)
  • SPWI914 Rune of Torment

Divine Spells

  • SPPR101 Blessing
  • SPPR102 Cure Light Wounds
  • SPPR103 Curse
  • SPPR104 Detect Evil
  • SPPR105 Halo of Lesser Revelation
  • SPPR106 Protection from Evil
  • SPPR201 Aid
  • SPPR202 Cure Moderate Wounds
  • SPPR204 Spiritual Hammer
  • SPPR301 Call Lightning
  • SPPR302 Flamewalk
  • SPPR303 Prayer
  • SPPR304 Speak With Dead
  • SPPR307 Remove Curse
  • SPPR401 Cure Serious Wounds
  • SPPR501 Cure Critical Wounds
  • SPPR502 Raise Dead
  • SPPR601 Heal


  • SPWI001 Arrow Strike Trap
  • SPWI002 Dart Trap
  • SPWI003 Spinning Blades Trap
  • SPWI004 Avernus Fireball Trap
  • SPWI005 Flame Tongue Trap
  • SPWI006 Acid Rain Trap
  • SPWI007 Unholy Baptism Trap
  • SPWI008 Gas Cloud Trap
  • SPWI009 Spikes Trap
  • SPWI010 Improved Acid Rain Trap


  • SPIN101 Litany of Curses
  • SPIN102 Skull Mob
  • SPIN103 Stories-Bones-Tell
  • SPIN104 Sensory Touch
  • SPIN106 Fiend Fear Aura
  • SPIN107 Kiss (called Kiss of Death in SPELL.IDS)
  • SPIN108 Raise Dead


  • SPIN001 Add Litany of Curses
  • SPIN002 Removed Litany of Curses
  • SPIN003 Add Skull Mob
  • SPIN004 Remove Skull Mob
  • SPIN005 Add Stories-Bones-Tell
  • SPIN006 Remove Stories-Bones-Tell
  • SPIN007 Add Sensory Touch
  • SPIN008 Remove Sensory Touch
  • SPIN009 Add Kiss
  • SPIN010 Remove Kiss
  • SPIN011 Tint Screen
  • SPIN012 Jumble Curse
  • SPIN013 Dispel Jumble Curse
  • SPIN014 Add Raise Dead
  • SPIN015 Remove Raise Dead

List of BAM Animations

actor casting glows

a001abjn - casting glow 35: magic shields assemble
a002aalt - casting glow 36?: white whisps from floor
a003intr - casting glow 41: stars implode
a004ench - casting glow 38: 3 sparks dazzle
a005ldiv - casting glow 43: runes swirl
a006illu - casting glow 40: blue smoke explosion
a008cnjr - casting glow 37?: pulsating tentacles from ground
a009necr - casting glow 42: contorted faces swirl
a009skil - casting glow ??: use special ability
a010spin - casting glow 44?: use innate spell
itemspll - use item effect


s******* - core spell anims
s001angr - angry icon
s001cuss - !@$!@#$
s002dmml - magic missile hit?
s002fwks - missile dissipation
s003shdw - throbbing shadow spirit
s004siph - red siphoning
s006cmbo - orb materialise
s006opwr - orb materialise (darker)
s006orba - chromatic orb
s006spls - orb splash
s012aglb - white bubble
s012armr - armor assemble
s013appr - mirror appear
s013flsh - large flash
s013minr - minor embalming
s013smsh - mirror breaks
s013spkl - rising sparkles
s013star - yellow floor flare
s014fist - iron fist icon
s015hcst - concentric expanding green gloop
s015hwav - same, large
s019acid - acid orb explodes
s019bseg - adder body segment
s019head - 9 cycles, adder head
s022curs - barbs from floor clasping
s023bbsh - 6 cycles, concentric barb shield
s024goup - blood rising
s024godn - blood falling
s025cicy - 5 cycles, ice missile firing?
s025cold - 2 cycles, ring of ice
s025grtr - greater embalming
s025melt - 9 cycles, ice projectile dissipates
s025proj - 9 cycles, ice projectile
s025ptrz - 9 cycles, ice projectile static?
s025snow - rising white sparkles
s029glow - yellow rays japan style
s029stmn - muscle man icon
s030swat - swarm
s030swen - 2 cycles, swarm circle
s030swex - swarm explodes
s030swfm - 5 cycles, swarm cast?
s030swgr - 2 cycles, swarm grow
s030swpr - 9 cycles, swarm proj
s031axst - ax of torment
s031delc - ball lightning large forks
s031expl - ???? blue explosion dissipation
s031grrn - yellow rune effect
s031lsrn - blue rune effect
s034ball - 2 cycles, ball lightning
s034clwd - 2 cycles, cloak appears
s034dmg2 - 5 cycles ???? white dissipating hit effect
s034dspr - magic white sphere dissipates
s034gdam - 5 cycles, white hit effect 2
s034glob - invul globe?
s037hold - hold undead
s038tsha - ???? pink cone of fog
s039vprp - purple blobs float up
s039vrdn - red blobs float down
s039vrup - red blobs float up
s041ball - throbbing purple ball
s041cast - purple cast effect
s041glrp - purple ball assemble
s041wave - purple gloop shockwave
s042conf - confusion compass haywire
s045dfrc - 2 cycles fast expanding shockwave
s045fcst - 5 cycles force missile cast
s045fmsl - 9 cycles force missle projectile
s046istm - extreme muscle man
s048crtr - 9 cycles barbed projectile
s048rise - large purple blade rises
s048sphr - purple sphere form
s052cone - 5 cycles cone of cold
s052hows - cone ice block
s052ring - 6 cycles 2 encircling rings
s055burn - 2 cycles burn effect
s055cast - giant horned skull fx
s055head - same but different
s055pskl - 9 cycles horned skull projectile
s055sklc - 6 cycles encircling skulls
s055swhd - 6 cycles encircling skulls glow ?
s056ckll - 3 cycles random clouds
s056fexp - fire explosion
s056frbl - 2 cycles fireball forming
s056ftrl - fireball trail
s056icbl - 2 cycles ice ball forming
s056icbm - ice ball explosion
s056itrl - ice ball trail

s057blad - 5 cycles concentric blade ring segment
s057flsh - ??? ice crystal glow flash

s057beam - 2 cycles death from above beam 

s061glwb - yellow glowing orb
s061rock - 3 cycles meteors
s061shll - antimagic shell appear
s061smlb - ???? globe of energy dissipating
s062glob - large globe appearing
s064bglt - 2 cycles purple lightning strike (random)
s064clod - 3 cycles purle cloud (appear:loop:dissipate)
s064hglt - massive lightning strike
s064lort - 3 cycles purple cloud lower right (appear:loop:dissipate)
s064uplt - 3 cycles purple cloud upper left (appear:loop:dissipate)

s070bomb - falling force missile
s070boom - missile hit
s070cstr - 2 cycles force missile caster (ray shoots up:ray appears)

s071flow - acid storm above actor cloud
s071pudl - acid storm floor puddle
s074loop - blue crystal shield
s074shrd - 2 cycles shield appears (front:back)
s075drop - dropping blue flash
s075wdsh - full screen ice sheet shatters
s077barm - hell arm grabs
s077crvs - 3 cycles abyssal crevasse (appears:loop:dissipate)
s077scrt - claw scratching fx
s077spit - ???? broken ?
s077spt2 - hells maw spits a skeleton out

s083bgcl - top of screen, ominous yellow cloud
s083bolt - 2 cycles death bolt (appears:loop)
s083clds - 3 cycles ????
s083dbht - death bolt hits
s083flsh - extremely lame method of white flashing
s083crak - crack in floor, flames rise
s084ighd - ignus enraged head
s085pwbd - eye blinded, shatters
s087blst - portal appears, death ray comes out

s091appr - swirling white vortex, dissipates
s091arrs - full screen celestial arrow
s091asun - pulsating blue star
s091blst - 2 cycles, massive pillar of light (appears:loop)
s091deva - deva with mace appears
s091dvat - deva attacks
s091gate - pearly gates
s091grly - deva with bow appears
s091htch - egg hatches... whatever next...
s091phnx - full screen phoenix appears and breathes fire
s091rail - ??? blue energy ring appears
s091smht - ??? yellow energy hit
s092conf - gloopy skeleton springs from floor and poops over everything, oh no
s092flmd - green flame effect
s095cast - 2 cycles yellow ray shoots from floor (shoots:appears)
s095fhit - yellow projectiles hit 
s095proj - projectile falls from above
s099blad - blade rune appears
s099expl - ??? red blob explosion
s099hand - 5 directions pointing skeletal hand

s0p2cur3 - 2 cycles cure effect (light:heavy)

s111shld - shield fx appear

s113blap - 5 directions crossbow appears
s113blar - 9 directions crossbow bolt
s113bldp - 5 directions crossbow disappears
s113blex - bolt explodes
s113blfr - 5 directions crossbow fires

s113bowf - 5 directions bow fires
s113bwar - 9 directions arrow projectile
s113slng - ???? unused?
s113smok - green smoke loop
s114frnd - sparlkly twinkles loop
s115blnd - blindess icon fx
s213hrhd - horror effect
s214luck - luck effect
s215knoc - knock effect
s311zrth - zerthimon's focus?
s914bgbl - 2 cycles ???? sky falling projectile (appears:loop)
s914hgbl - circle of runes glowing ominously
s914rune - giant circle of runes appears

other effects

ef01tprt - portal
ef02gswl - green contracting swirl
ef02tpr2 - portal start/stop
ef03tpr3 - ??
ffgkisat - succubus kiss
flash - memorise effect
frblblue - small fireball
i001zzzz - rising zzzz
se10fizz - spell fail fizzle
se11smky - green smoke apears and dissipates
sp11bles - bless ray
sp13chnd - skeletal hand
sp13curs - curse ray
sp16devl - demon face
sp16prot - yellow bubble deflects skeletal hand
sp21said - aid?
sp22cmod - white cure rays
sp24sphm - priest hammer
sp31cllt - lightning strike
sp33hand - praying hands
sp33pray - expanding white wave
sp41cser -
sp51ccri - surrounding light dots
sp61heal - light pillar underglow
sp62rded - corpse reanimation
spmagmis - magic missile proj.
t001glwb - ?
t_acid -  acid damage blobs
t_ccloud - green puffy cloud
t_ceil - brown gloop from ceiling
t_fbld0* (1-4) - blades
t_fdarts - spread of darts proj
t_gspike - spikes spring from floor
t_smoke - grey dissipating smoke
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