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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Torment Quest Overview

This page is HEAVY ON SPOILERS, be warned.

The page is a handy brief overview of the many game quests.This relates to quests that are actually logged in the journal. There are many, many small side tasks, but the point of this page is to keep a basic picture of how completable the game is. Considering that even such a simple task as finding a fork can have far reaching consequences in the world of Planescape:Torment, it may be helpful to collect any issues for each quest individually here so that testers can share their experiences.

Only if a quest is absolutely critical to being able to complete the main game path, should it be marked in bold. The links to each quest page can be used to record details of how a quest should play out, problems encountered, logs/crash traces, helpful information etc, if more needs to be said than can fit in a small note. For the sake of brevity, quests that are closely knit or chained together link to the same page.

If you can complete a quest exactly as in the original game, mark it GOOD, along with the gemrb version you used. Conversely, if a Quest is broken or does not quite work as intended, mark it BAD. If it was working previously, please add the version that broke it. In theory, once all quests are marked GOOD, the game will be completable.

Areas that currently break the flow of the game are:

  • None known :)

Bugs that severely affect gameplay are:

  • Magic is unstable, with buggy projectiles, eg ball lightning and adders kiss, extremely long blinding screen fades, unimplemented stuff.
  • The interface needs a degree of improvement - however fixing the game is more of a priority


AR0201:Main Foyer - AR0202:Second Floor - AR0203:Third Floor - AR0206:Portal Tomb

Area Notes:

  • Deionarra appearance is glitchy this is a minor bug, but her appearance/disappearance animations don't play which rather spoils the moment…
  • escaping via anarchist portal works


Area Playability Index™ : B- , Could use a little salt with that cured arm

Dustman's Quarter

AR0200:Outside Streets - AR0205:Gathering Dust Bar

Area Notes:

  • Area plays out much as should be expected
  • Faction joining works!


Area Playability Index™: A- , Like a basket of delicious prime kittens


AR0208: Mausoleum Corridors - AR0209:Mage Hideout

Area Notes:

  • Skeletons seem extremely tough compared to stock PST


Area Playability Index™: A-

Vice Quarter

AR0400:Outside Streets - AR0402:Smoldering Corpse Bar - AR0404: Tattoo Parlour

Area Notes:


Area Playability Index™: A- , Like basking in front of a warm glowing supplicant

Market Quarter

AR0300:Outside Streets - AR0302:Office of Vermin Control

Area Notes:

  • Area seems devoid of any serious issues


Area Playability Index™: A+ , As comforting as the taste of a spicy baked cranium ratsie

Flophouse Quarter

AR0100:Outside Streets - AR0305:Flophouse

Area Notes:

  • Porphiron is important as the first weapon trainer you find.


Area Playability Index: B- , Still a darn sight better than taking a fork in the eye

Alley of Dangerous Angles

Area Notes:


Area Playability Index™: C , Like knowing the Lady of Pain is *watching*… even when you pick your nose…

Ragpicker's Square

AR0101:Outside - AR0102: Mebbeth - AR0103C:Sharegrave — AR3006a: Vlask ambush

Area notes:

  • finger-ring biting dialog works GOOD


Area Playability Index™: B , Like finding a lim lim hair your delicious chocolate quasit… but you pluck it off and enjoy it nonetheless

Buried Village

AR0108: Trash Warrens - AR0109:Village - AR0110: Pharod's Court

Area Notes:

  • we're not using APP_BUDDY anywhere (another pst specialty), just setting it. Check how other AppearanceFlags are used and try pissing others (of the same group) off on death.
  • The door at the south east (to the drowned dead, with Barr) should be locked after you get through
    • RESEARCH, does returning from the next area immediately show them closed already? If not, what do you have to do in the original … how to reproduce


Area Playability Index™: A- , Like the slightly uncomfortable feeling of knowing something that you require is lodged in your intestinal tract

Weeping Stone Catacombs

AR1400:Catacombs - AR1401:Shattered Crypt - AR1402:Mosaic Crypt - AR1403:Dismembered Crypt - AR1404:Underchamber - AR1405:Crypt of the Embraced

Area Notes:


Dead Nations

AR1500:Main Corridors - AR1501:Silent King's Throne

Area Notes:


Warrens of Thought

AR1600:Warrens - AR1601:Many as One

Area Notes:


Drowned Nations

AR1700:Main Corridors - AR1800:Tomb

Area Notes:

  • The two infected ghouls do not spawn varghouilles when then die
    • RESEARCH there's nothing in their scripts or the area script or the area ini …

Area Playability Index™: B , As refreshing as a toke from the Abyssal Pipe

Tomb of Torment


Area Notes:

  • works fine

Tenement of Thugs


Area Notes:

  • The hive scavenger that suggests you sneak out completely vanishes when you have spoken to her
    • standard practice; what is supposed to happen?


Alley of Lingering Sighs

AR0401:Busy Dabus - AR0405:Pregnant Alleyway

Area Notes:


Lower Ward

AR0500:Outside - AR0501:Siege Tower - AR0504:Market - AR0505:Pawn Shop - AR0506:Hamrys' Coffin Emporium - AR0509:Print Shop - AR0510:Warehouse - AR0507:Resting Area - AR0508:Lothar's Lair

Area Notes:

  • coaxmetal's animation type is…. unique, not quite supported (hardcoded in the original)
  • Talking to the Githyanki Yi'minn, agreeing and letting them kill you is a nice test of mime stances


Godsmen Foundry

Clerk's Ward

AR0600:Streets - AR0607:Iannis - AR0608:Gallery - AR706B:Finam - AR0609:Vrishka's Shop - AR0611:Tailor -AR0612:Apothecary - AR0605:Slaking. SLAKING. - AR0606:Cellar - AR0601:Festhall - AR0602:Quarters - AR0603:Public Sensorium - AR0604:Private Sensorium - AR2000: Undersigil

Area Notes:


Ravel's Maze


  • On escaping the maze, an extremely long cutscene begins, but none of the audio dialog is played
    • RESEARCH which cutscene?


AR0700:Outer Curst - AR0701:Inner Curst - AR0704:Traitors Gate Tavern - AR0705:Grain Silo - AR0104C:Blacksmith - AR3014:Distiller - AR3001:Barracks - AR0703:Warehouse

Area Notes:


Curst Underground


AR1100:Gronk Desert - AR1101:Fjhull's Guest House

Area Notes:


AR1000:Abishai National Park - AR1001:The Pillar

Area Notes:

  • Area is completable
  • The pillar can take wrong tributes (NPCs etc) for payment
    • RESEARCH concrete examples needed, testing showed no problems


Area Playability Index™: A , Like the long awaited reunion with your departed, but never forgotten faithful Lim-Lim… IN HELL :D


AR0900:Cursed Curst - AR0901: Administration - AR0902: Warehouse - AR3015: Barracks

Area Notes:

  • the saved villagers near the gehereleths disappear instantly when you talk to them instead of walking away
  • The man to be executed at 890 , 2940 is not there
    • nobody is there in the original either
  • despite glitches, all the things you can do to help the villagers are doable, just not 100% correct
  • The sohmein that Trias summons appear before you speak with him


AR13FY:Modron Foyer - AR13EN:Engineering Room - AR13FD: Nordom's Bolthole - AR13WZ: Lair of the EVIL WIZARD™ - AR1900:Maze of the Nameless One

Area Notes:

  • Initial testing seems to suggest the modron maze actually works, you can find the control room, become the director, and go to the hard dungeon - however, some leftovers from the easy dungeon appear, and some walkways appear to be closed when you can actually walk through them
    • medium and hard dungeons are not implemented yet
  • Until the maze behaviour is implemented fully, you can mta(“AR13FD”) etc from the console if you just want Nordom and the portal gem and don't mind about the dungeon
  • If there was ever a goodcase for gemrb to mod the original game, the modron maze would be it. It already serves as a training camp/gold mine/resting area/teleportation device/medivac chopper - but just one simple container you can keep your unwanted stuff in at the entrance would be awesome.

The Fortress of Regret

AR1200:Fortress Gate - AR1201:Fortress Interior - AR1202:Trial of Impulse - AR1203:Maze of Reflections - AR1204:It

Area Notes:

  • Some of your companions are still with you when you walk through the portal to the fortress
  • Ignus does not talk, just goes straight for the kill
  • the gem in his room does not animate and it is opaque.
  • Clicking on it tells you to kill ignus, even when he's dead….
  • You still respawn if you die in the final fight
    • nothing (dlg, script) seems to call SetNamelessDeath (which can disable that), so check if there's anything interesting in the area ini
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