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This page is a recent (2014) resting place for bugs that were found to be present in the original data (patched or unpatched) and therefore not gemrb's problem. The list exist so the research does not get lost and duplicated.


  • Kelddath at the Song of the Morning in Temple (AR3400) should buy Wyvern heads (MISC52)- he does not. He gives gp for first one, but you can't sell anything in his store.
    • like any temple, you can't sell stuff there; he is also scripted to only accept one wyvern head
  • Flooding mine (Cha.5) should trigger Wyrm's Crossing opening- does it? Here not, but maybe I didn't use elevator (trigger) like I should (prior to talking to miner)… (Pure speculation- similar thing reported in original, as well as in BGT ). Possible main story breaker.


  • no FIXPACK: in the Slums, the crazy scimatar wielding scimitar-thrower breaks your quickslots after attacking you (weapons marked as magic claws)


  • some traps/infopoints are misautodetected (already marked as detected in the area file)
    • bg2: bodhi's sanctum left chamber (all of them fixed by fixpack)
    • bg1: Bogus trap detected in one of the containers on the upper floor in Travenhurst Manor (ar3320-22) by pure class fighter (for some versions of bg1).
    • pst: AR0403 - The trapped container at 2350, 2600 shows up red when you havent searched for it
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