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 Download the [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher|launcher'​s]] [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher/​get/​|latest version]], or get the [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher/​get/​|0.9 release]]. Download the [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher|launcher'​s]] [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher/​get/​|latest version]], or get the [[http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb-launcher/​get/​|0.9 release]].
 +If you want the very latest state, install mercurial and then run:
 +    $ hg clone http://​​nickdaly/​gemrb_launcher
 +=== Configuring the Launcher ===
 +The launcher requires no configuration on its own, but you will have to change your GemRB.cfg settings.
 ==== Prerequisites ==== ==== Prerequisites ====
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