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Installing the data with unshield

This page will show you how to install BG2 and/or TOB. For instructions on installing BG1, go to the page unshield-bg1.

Note about file name case: You may run into problems on a case sensitive file system, if some files are not overwritten when they are supposed to. One way to make sure they do, is to lower case everything. But that might break some external tools (e.x. NearInfinity is said to have problems). If you're going to use such tools, drop the -L option below for unshield. If you're making a Linux-only install with Linux-only file operations, the file case might always match (at least on the international DVD, there are a few files with same name but different case, that should get overwritten). If you copy things from a Windows installation, you are more likely to run into problems with file name cases. For regular gaming, lower casing everything is safest.


Create the target directory and move there:

mkdir bg2
cd bg2


Then run each .cab file through unshield. We pass the -L switch to make all the files lowercase, since *nix systems are case sensitive and some files come in differently cased names (they wouldn't get overwritten properly if you installed TOB). Example:

# only the first bg2 cab needs to be extracted (verified)
unshield -L x /mnt/cdrom/DATA1.CAB

Cleanup and reordering

You're left with a bunch of subfolders under the target directory. Do the following to make it look more like an actual installation:

# first remove some useless files
find _support* _engine* -delete
for i in hd0_*; do 
  mv "$i" "${i#hd0_}"
# For some versions (the inernational DVD version) there's no dir named 'sound', but instead sound_english.
mv sound sounds
mv cab/* .
rmdir cab
test -d cache100 && rm -r cache100 # contains a binary identical file as cache/cache150.txt, which, I believe, is a placeholder and can be deleted
rm -r mplayer # spam
# for an English (default) installation
cp -r english/* . && rm -r english
rm -r *french* *german* *spanish* *italian*

*NOTE*: If you have multiple dirs named like english_data, english_sound etc., run also

for i in english_*; do
  if [[ -d $j ]]; then
    mv "$i"/* "$j"
    mv "$i" "$j"

Or, you might have sound_English, data_English, cab_ and characters_English:

for i in *_english; do
  if [[ -d $j ]]; then
    mv "$i"/* "$j"
    mv "$i" "$j"
mv sound sounds 
rmdir *_english

At least on the international DVD release, some files are still on the DVD, that would be copied over by the windows installer (you might want to use a temporary folder and lower case all file names, and then copy over, to ensure files get overwritten if / when needed).

cp -R /media/cdrom/Extra/* .
rm -R override/PreviewFiles
cp -R /media/cdrom/English .
cp -R English/Data/* data/. && rm -R English/Data

Full Install

Some modifications require a full install. Also HDs are large, swapping CDs is lame. Do the following commands:

cp -R /media/cdrom/CD? .
## Organize to resemble a windows install (might be needed for mod compatibility, but GemRB should find the files even without this)
mv CD?/[Dd]*/[!aA]* data/.


If you'll be installing TOB too, make sure you first extract the BG2 cabinet file. Similarly as with BG2, only the first TOB cabinet needs to be extracted:

unshield -L x /mnt/cdrom/DATA1.CAB

also do the following:

find _support* _engine* -delete
cp -r hd025music/* music && rm -r hd025music
mv minimum_25_data_english/* minimum_25_data
rmdir minimum_25_data_english
cp -r minimum_25_data/* data && rm -r minimum_25_data
mv sound/* sounds
mv hd0/* .
rmdir hd0
cp -r hd0_override/* override && rm -r hd0_override
# for an English (default) installation
cp -r hd0_english/* . && rm -r hd0_english
rm -r *french* *german* *spanish* *italian*

Some files are still on the international CD (would be copied by the windows installer, too). Again, you might want to use a temporary folder, lower case everything and then copy over to make sure files get overwritten.

cp -R /media/cdrom/Extra/* . 

Copy the CD5 folder to HD (optional, but most probably you want to do this, unless you want to keep the CD in the drive):

cp -R /media/cdrom/CD? .

Write permissions

When copying files from CD, some folders and / or files are read only. If you get errors when installing mods, this might be the reason. Simply run:

chmod -R u+rwX .

Installing the Official patches

Most (all?) DVD/CD versions are not patched to the latest version (the GOG version includes the latest patches AFAIK). You probably want the patch to play (even with GemRB) and most definately if you want to install any mods.

To install the patch without wine, you first need to extract the self-extracting .exe file and then use unshield to extract the rest. 7z seems to be able to extract the self-extracting InstallShield exe files.

For ToB (SoA would be probably very similar) - assuming you start in the ToB directory, with the official patch (.exe):

# Let's make a temporary dir to keep things dity
mkdir temp && cd temp
# Do not use 26499, use 26498 (reason: mod compatibility, also 26499 is beta directx support patch only).
7z x ../BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH.exe # Replace with your INTERNATIONAL patch
unshield -L x data1
cp -R main/* ..
cd ..
rm -R temp

Lower casing file names & checking for duplicate files

Just to be on the safe side, make everything lower case if you're on Linux (or any OS / FS that is case sensitive) - or at least test for duplicates (you might not want to make the actual renaming, if you suspect a tool you're going to use will break). You should not get any file name clashes!

convmv --lower -r . # if there are no errors / surprises, run:
convmv --lower --notest -r .

Of course you need to install convmv if you don't have it (or use some other way to rename the files into lower case). But convmv is a handy tool, you will find use for it sooner or later!


That's it, you're ready to run gemrb with BG2 or TOB. Don't forget to set CD5 in gemrb.cfg accordingly.

If you were installing from the DVD version and you have the wrong language, try copying the contents of the relevant dirs over the installation.

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