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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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GemRB isn't just a reimplementation of IE. While a lot of the changes and enhancements are in the core or targetted specifically at modders, there are also a few that directly benefit the players. Besides the obvious bugfixes, those include:

  • possibility to never even load the intro videos
  • input
    • (multi)touch input support
    • most games didn't even support mouse wheels
    • keyboard
      • if cheatdebug keys are turned on:
        • ctrl-y will also force unlock doors and containers
        • ctrl-shift-y will kill all the enemies in the area
        • ctrl-w will gather all the ground piles you've seen in the area under the cursor, merging items where possible
      • windows that you can bring up using hotkeys can also be closed the same way
      • many extra buttons are marked as default and default cancel, so you can use enter and escape
  • inventory items are autoidentified if you have high enough lore
  • inventory and containers show blue borders around magic items (like in iwd2)
  • in bg chargen, the default portrait is randomised (for our sanity's sake :))
  • some bg2 gui tweaks/addons that allow infinite kits/spells/etc, extra scrollbars
  • the commands (any of the GUIScript commands) you can issue at the “Cheat” Console are numerous. For example: SetPlayerStat([1-6],IE_XP,<value>) will set character's (party slot 1-6) XP.
  • innates can be bound to quick spell slots
  • spell lists can be sorted by various attributes like offensiveness or spell school
  • effects of difficulty on xp and damage are configurable through difflvls.2da
  • arbitrary formations are supported: externalised to a 2da, with an accompanying generator (for the relative coordinates)
  • Some ToBEx extensions are also implemented (for example the backstabbing bit in weapons and greater choice in the “always backstab” stat)
  • Also look at the done and trivial mods for some additional improvements

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