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Infinity Engine Annoyances

This can be a page to share & discuss grievances with the original infinity engine. Since gemrb is open source, it can be modded to 'retrofit' features to the original games, making the playing experience less tiresome. Here are some things that could be considered as improving upon the infinity engine, which could be implemented as features/3rd party mods. It is not really intended to be a feature request page, just somewhere to record ideas that would be nice. Ideas are easy to come by, but hard to remember…

  • Action Queuing - Although infinity games are a blend between turnbased and realtime, it would be nice to be able to setup a strategy for more than just one round, and then sit back and let it play out how it plays out. Many other games allow you to set an actors next actions when it has finished or can no longer achieve its current action, so that the player only needs to intervene when something goes badly wrong. This could potentially create a refreshing new spin on the gameplay.
  • Alot of time is spent before each battle preparing by casting dozens of buff spells. It would be nice if there were some way to record or define a set of spells to cast, in a similar way that you can when you use sequencers/contingencies.
  • Looting:
  • checking 100 individual piles of loot with tiny bounding boxes after a large battle can be RSI inducing torture. Not only is it horribly fiddly, when you run out of inventory space, you have to move your character out of the way because he blocks the containter, find another one with some space, stack items that weren't auto stacked etc. That is not a gameplay feature, its a nuisance. To mirror a PnP experience, you should be able to just tell your characters to search, decide quickly what is worth taking, and be done with it.
  • Infinity seems oddly to have its priorities in the wrong place regarding bodies. You can massacre 500 gibberlings, and although their bodies will disappear as if there were a pack of ravenous hyenas following your party around, the ground will be littered with 500 generic loot sprites. This is ugly, pointless and self defeating. It would be much more fun to let the corpses pile up, and implement looting directly of corpses (assuming the enemies were not chunked that is…)
  • Although no infinity games implemented it directly, it can probably be assumed that the PC's have some sort of strategy for hauling 15000gp and 20 suits of armour around with them, and are not really carrying it all on their person.
  • Character death / Stat or Level Drain - Certain aspects of the game force you to drop items, forget memorised spells, etc, - obviously these are supposed to be bad events, but in practice dealing with them is so tedious they tend to provoke an instant reload, when a more user friendly way would make it easier to play on. For example items could be just temporarily disabled instead of dropped, spells only need to be 'expended' rather than completely unmemorised, a dead characters items could stay with his body and his total weight shared among the rest of the party as they drag him to a temple.
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