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 ===== Mods ===== ===== Mods =====
-{{goi.jpg?280&​direct|Glory of Istar game shot}} +{{goi.jpg?200&​direct|Glory of Istar game shot}} 
-{{http://​​bugs/​iwd2stylecombat2.jpg?​280&​direct}} +{{http://​​bugs/​iwd2stylecombat2.jpg?​200&​direct}} 
-{{http://​​bugs/​sorcerer_monk.jpg?​280&​direct}}+{{http://​​bugs/​sorcerer_monk.jpg?​200&direct|Sorcerer/​monk multiclass}}
 {{:​iwg2.jpg?​direct&​200|Icewind dale in BG2}} {{:​iwg2.jpg?​direct&​200|Icewind dale in BG2}}
 {{:​bgt.jpg?​nolink&​200|Baldur'​s gate Trilogy}} {{:​bgt.jpg?​nolink&​200|Baldur'​s gate Trilogy}}
 ====== Exotic platforms ====== ====== Exotic platforms ======
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