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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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First, we can't do much if you're not able to supply the GemRB log and an accurate version number!

It is logged to GemRB.log (in the GameDir or SaveDir if the first isn't writable) and sent to the standard output if available. Run GemRB from the terminal on major OSes and it will get printed there. Since it is usually long, use a pastebin to post it, rather than adding it to your message directly.

0. Double check you are using the latest version available for your platform. You'll save everyone's time. If your platform is lagging behind, expect to have old bugs (asking why cannot help).

1. GemRB exits just after starting it up.
Check the configuration file, you probably have the GamePath misconfigured. You can use the CDx paths to add additional search paths (up to CD6). When in doubt, use absolute paths (beginning with / or the drive letter). The GemRB log may give you a hint on what is missing. If it mentions the cache dir is not empty (“contains a directory”, usually data), you probably have an empty directory inside it which you should remove. We do not do this for you, since we would be deleting arbitrary paths if CachePath was changed.

2. After entering a game the area is blue and GemRB quickly crashes.
This is the same problem as the one before. If you check the log, you'll see we couldn't find the area tilemap (WED file). Fix up the paths.

3. After some time playing, the GUI freezes and you can't click anything or there are leftovers from previous screens drawn over the current one.
One of our python guiscripts encountered an error and it just happens to be on the critical path, so the rest of the code is not being executed.
Check the log and search for the first occurrence of “Traceback”, which in the next few lines will show you the actual error. Send us this part and we should be able to fix it pretty fast.

4. Playing X at larger resolutions messes up the GUI. Parts are overlapping and flickering.
You couldn't play the original game at these high resolutions either. To fix this, you have to install the Widescreen mod. For IWD install Heart of Winter too, since it brought some better resolutions (but not widescreen) and lots of other improvements.


  • if you're using IWD:Heart of Winter, set the GameType to how not iwd.
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