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According to the WineHQ, IE Games use DirectPlay to connect for multiplayer functionality. Additionally, they list specific versions of DPlay for different games, however it appears from my research that the DPlay version used varies not by the game, but the version of DirectX installed. For the purposes of my this article and my research, the DirectX/DPlay version I am using is 9. I do plan to look at other and mixed DPlay versions once DPlay v9 and the underlying IE packets are well understood.

Initially, I will work though each game in release order and treat each as a separate protocol. Once done, this document and protocol will be organized into more appropriate shared and unique components.

For reference, I will be using MSDN Documention for DirectPlay, Wireshark and, as a hunch, I'll probably be using the IE Formats documented here already.

Baldur's Gate 1

For the purposes of this section, I am using Baldurs Gate with ToSC expansion installed; Version 1.3.5521.

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