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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Mod ideas

Separated by difficulty/time requirement. If you don't know how doable is your idea, just write it here and someone else will categorise it.

The completed mods mentioned here can be downloaded from a central repository. Check their individual pages for more information.


These mods are just configuration tweaks or file drop-ins. A few game tweaks can be achieved by simply toggling variables in gemrb.ini (check the note in the introduction to learn about the candidates).

Some of the table editing can be more complex due to the data involved. For example, to add brand new spells to the wild surge table, one would also have to create them first, not just replace the existing entries.

  • divine spellcaster classes with sorcerer style spellcasting -
    • just set the booktype to 3 in the gemrb clskills.2da (caveat: it will affect every npc with that class)
  • maximum hitpoint rolls in bg1
    • just add “Maximum HP=1” to baldur.ini / gem-baldur.ini
  • different boni for weapon styles
    • just edit override/ws*.2da as you see fit
  • different wild surges
    • just edit override/wildmag.2da
      • replace spell resrefs with your own and/or add modifiers
        • check Scriptable::HandleHardcodedSurge to see how the extra modifiers work (+ and all the numbers)
  • spell icon sorting in the action bar
    • just edit override/shared/spldisp.2da
  • some small usability improvements
    • set GUIEnhancements to 127 in the gemrb config (see the man page for details)
  • different damage and/or XP boni/mali for game difficulty levels
    • just edit override/difflvls.2da as you see fit
  • autocast any memorized self-targetting spells on rest (stoneskin anyone?)
    • add their resref to splspec.2da and use a value of 8
  • game is not over if protagonist dies (only if the whole party does)
    • in gemrb/GUIScripts/bg*/ change protagonist mode from 1 to 2 (GemRB.GameSetProtagonistMode(2))


  • monk/sorcerer kits: normal kit process for creation
    • barbarian kits are not possible, since they are fighter kits themselves
  • different monk ac/apr progression
    • just change gemrb/override/bg2/monkbon.2da
  • quickload button on the startup screen for the games that lack it
    • edit start.chu to add the button
    • edit all the scripts to use it and make it quickload (see iwd2 for the code)
  • different layout for the PST modron maze
    • change gemrb/override/pst/easymaze.2da (or others when they become available)
    • for more complications also change gemrb/GUIScript/pst/
  • new feats for iwd2
    • edit feats.2da
    • create the wanted spell to be applied (like with class abilities)
    • if you want something more complex like Critical Strike, code changes will be needed, pushing this into the hard category
  • new formations:
    • edit/extend override/*/formatio.2da (the easiest way by modifying admin/
  • spontaneous casting for other games or spellbook types (in iwd2 it works only for cleric spells, not even domain):
    1. in, function SpellShiftPressed: delete intro cleric type constraint
    2. and decompose Type for GetSpellinfoSpells a few lines below (basically the function should get log2 of Type)
    3. (add sponcast.2da for new games)


  • subraces in bg2
    • write a new guiscript with a borrowed window pack from the kit selection
    • add subrace boni/mali
  • new multi/dual class choices
    • sorcerer/monk multiclass donedualclass TODO
    • sorcerer/monk/cleric multiclass donedualclass TODO
    • update a bunch of tables in the gemrb and game overrides (classes.2da and clskills.2da being the most important)
      • the MULTI column can be computed with this formula: 1«(ID1-1)|1«(ID2-1)|1«(ID3-1) (where the ids are the singleclass values in the ID column)
    • add missing tables (eg. clabxxxx.2da) and strings
    • maybe there'll be a need to update some game scripts
    • currently you'd still have to share the usability flags with some other combo
    • multiclasses are tiny bit easier, since you can skip a few tables
  • x-in-y games (like bg2 in iwd2)
    • no mixing with pst, due to large differences in control ids and strings
    • swap the guiscript folders and possibly some of the files in the gemrb override
    • swap / update gemrb.ini
  • character name generator
    • the only reason this is under medium and not easy is the fact that you have to create a long list of possible names or words and combination rules


  • making infravision useful - decrease the visual and other ranges in the dark
    • this one would require engine and possibly ingame script changes
  • make all multiclass combinations possible (except for barbarians, of course)
    • this would mostly be about automating the multiclass addition mentioned in the previous section

How to start

Since 0.8.0 GemRB is much easier to mod, since some of it files can now be overriden via the game's override folder, so you can use the usual WeiDU workflow. Here is a table of the common paths.

files present ingame moddable? search order
game/override yes weidu 2
gemrb/override yes manual1) / weidu+ModPath 1
gemrb/unhardcoded no weidu 3
requires write access to where gemrb is installed
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