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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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0.8.6 checklist

  • fonts/text regressions from brad
    • add TA editing support: also waiting for the view-hierarchy work
    • feature: pst smoothly scrolls between dialog states — doesn't instantly snap to top
  • guistore TBD
    • mousewheel does not change to scroll the area that is under the cursor - it always controls the default pane (sucks, but labels are ignored and we can't use them for targeting; creating buttons in their place would be annoying - replicating all the label's state)
      • hopefully fixed once the view-hierarchy work is merged
  • nested stores
  • rndbase based engine rewrite, perhaps externalised (so current way remains an option; api == just a file to replace)
  • figure out the big rewrites that are still needed and how soon they need to happen
    • rndbase combat, char animations (resdata + less suck), perhaps an iwd2 scripting mode, what more?
  • figure out how to detect normal widescreen and fix mod - remove gemrb mode
  • make iwd2 roughly completable
  • recheck all LastTarget* resets and add LastMarked* resets as needed
  • fix lasttrigger vs isoverme soa_playthrough_bugs
    • write a test mod to see if LastTrigger is wiped after the tick it was set in
    • just trying via overridden svtriobj is not enough
  • rules
  • misc
    • gemrb tweakpack
    • racial boni / generic stat vs. effect application mechanism (check what we do with iwd2:races.2da; bgee also has new tables for this)
  • recheck/todo list:
    • chiv's mod flag guiopt window
  • clear the pull request queue
  • clear all stashes
  • quickweaponslot fist mess: QuickWeaponHeaders are not always set and even when they are, we currently skip to the quiver slot in Actor::SetEquippedQuickSlot
  • improve the stub demo dataset, a bunch of dialog-driven puzzles to solve or a simple puzzle game?
    • tag the demo now to 'bare'
    • before release remove the bundled fonts


  • merge sensible dhewg stuff

0.XX checklist



  • Wierd turn-undead table, probably just an empiric approximation
    • but we don't do HD limiting of the affected count. This is now possible since 4dd76a4ba230920ea6508d6655004ab810e2c3a4
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