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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Put things that need testing in the original engine here.

Some things are noted here, but you can also check our main todo, as all things that need further research are clearly marked in blue with RESEARCH.


  1. test the spells and note any problems
  2. do stunning blow and quivering palm really work only on level 6 or less actors?
  3. do certain cutscenes play out exactly like in the original? (sound and gfx included)
  4. which overlays are hidden for invisible enemies? Current lore says bg1-style hardcoded ones (globe of invulnerability, protection from missiles, sanctuary), while bg2 ones aren't (turning). GemRB holds a list of all the hardcoded overlays in gemrb/override/*/overlay.2da and the last column tells the engine whether the overlay should be hidden (1) or not if the enemy is invisible. Most of the values default to 0, but the correct values need to be found. A lot of their names give a good hint from which spell they come from, but if you have trouble, contact us.
  5. which (ambient) sounds are used when opening or closing doors/chests/drawers/…? Check and fill the rest of containr.2da and/or defsound.2da. Probably all the resource names start with amb_d.
  6. check bg1 arow06 thac0 bonus in the original
  7. check when exactly NPC whine is played when engaging in conversation (instantly when clicked or only when dialogue starts after protagonist walked close enough to them?- In bg1 instantly.)
  8. startinb tob gear + charm/domination scripts
  9. did failing to disarm a trap trigger it? All games, traps on doors, ground, containers?
  10. IE_ALCHEMY is unused. Check iwds if anything used AlchemyModifier (it crashed in bgs).


From the IESDP merger, these things remain to be checked and potentially implemented. Which spells use them if at all?

  1. invisibility opcode with a param2 (type) of 2
  2. Stat: Luck modifier: modes 1&2
  3. State: Horror (panic): how are the types used and where?
  4. State: Stun: types
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