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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Latest commit

# ideally, but does not work on sourceforge (does elsewhere); even http proxies don't help rss> 1 author 30m sidebar for frequently accessed stuff



  • handle svtriobj
  • handle actsleep
  • dialog init/queue fixes
  • fix up the rest of the triggers
  • implement TriggerWalkTo
  • implement LeaveAreaName
  • move actor/infopoint/etc update code out of Map
  • remove Entered hacks, fix trap handling etc
  • fix CheckOnDeath mess, corpse expiry, etc


  • directory caching
  • cache bags
  • implement messaging
  • action queue fixes
  • implement panic, RandomWalk, EscapeArea, etc properly
  • refactor+fix dialog code

Would be nice:

  • fix message window system, remove EF_CLOSECONTAINER
  • ambient sounds in SDLAudio
  • fix pcf_xp's python calls
  • better output/colours/etc for message window
  • no soundset on silenced chars, etc?
  • inventory fixes
  • weapon quickslot issues?
  • visual/dialog range fixes
  • other stats (dialog pause etc)
  • camera panning!
  • look at bg1 differences (dialog strings, undroppable, cutscenes, string display, etc)
  • finish+commit PS:T entrance magic
  • finish+commit keybindings
  • make HideGUI/UnhideGUI not depend on magic window variables
  • look into moving some of the logic out of GUIScript.cpp
  • fix all the hibernation stuff
  • switching back to main view code


  • make something of the OpenGL driver
  • stop OpenAL from depending on SDL?
  • EvaluateObject passes ga_flags when retrieving an actor by name, i'm almost sure this is wrong

To research:

  • why are VVCs (hold animation, death animation, etc) displayed in the wrong place?
  • map visibility
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