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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Latest commit

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Edheldil's TODO

  • Lua plugin
  • NullVideo plugin
  • Better console
  • persuade others to use some bugtracker


  • on opening the shop, switch to the first eligible PC (TNO), not Annah
  • changing PC does not update encumbrance
  • do not display store actions that do not apply - core does not return appropriate
  • inappropriate items should be red tinted, not yellow framed
  • don't use blue tint
  • identify more than one item at once
  • chequered instead gray tint for the action and menu windows
  • scrolling down reveals green tiles in the south of Vrischika's shoppe's area (AR0609)
  • wrong line spacing for multiline item labels
  • store displays wrong kind of PCs' names
  • after cancelling a store with WM close window the shows “are you sure” dialog and escape to main menu, after loading a game it's not possible to open a shop again


  • add SetRange() method:
    • params: minvalue, maxvalue, increment, page_increment, smooth (for TA scrolling)
  • grab mouse when dragging slider, i.e. process all mouse events regardless of control's or window's boundary. Check control exists & visible. Cancel grab on mouse release
  • scrollbars display one item more than needed (empty item) when scrolled to the bottom (e.g. pst GUILOAD)


  • buttons should use clip rectangles. Might be true for other games as well
  • thumbnails should be clipped to a one row less
  • original displays location name and gametime. GemRB displays save file time. Should be configurable?


  • lots of buttons has a different position by few pixels. Why? Anchor issue?


  • lots of buttons has a different position by few pixels. Why? Anchor issue?
  • miniportraits should be clipped to their miniframes


  • panning with kbd sometimes ceases to work
  • Pause game when opening gui
  • Start screen does confirm quit in the orig. engine
  • SetVisible(WINDOW_GRAYED) does not gray the window
  • language-dependent NOTE: tag, end it on \n\n
  • detect language in the autodetect scripts
  • bg2 demo, chargen, stats tab: define <MINIMUM> and <MAXIMUM> tokens
  • also: skill tab, <number> tag
  • skill tab - last item in skill list is “GemRB v…” (strref -1)
  • skill tab - some items are missing chars (e.g. Bastard sword)
  • dialog w/ Imoen: <CHARNAME>
  • load screen has black rects around the progress bar
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