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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Stuff in bold is game breaking, but workaroundable.

Not everything is noted here, also see todo.


  • arundel (maru) has a clowncolored base avatar (the cloak is fine), visible in ar2112.
  • Couldn't create animationfactory: myu2ca . This one has more files than usual and ca1-ca4 instead of just ca (similar with some other types).
  • Couldn't create animationfactory: mbaitw (e7a0) ← should use sl instead of tw
  • Couldn't create animationfactory: mbaica (e7a0) ← sd(?) instead of ca
  • Couldn't create animationfactory: myetca (e760) ← uses winter wolf script with ForceSpell, but lacks CA
  • double death animation in case of Mod[IE_ANIMATION_ID]: 0xF008 ResRef:mska (templeguardian4)
  • HELMLA (magic helm) is misplaced from head on avatar (screenshot - standard exported HoW character - Baiar, women warrior)

RECHECK Now one single hit to pomabV2 is enough to kill him, it should be five hits.

belhifet doesn't have his weapon equipped. Check if this is true in the original. Due to his demonic strength, he deals appropriate damage anyway. But this is definitely wrong, since with no weapons, he can't kill anyone, just render them unconscious. Perhaps the stunning switch should be limited to pcs and rats?

Text in the tooltips over some cre-s differs in gemrb compared to idmain.exe: in gemrb it's always cre's name, when in exe not always, e.g. Elisia in SW corner of Easthaven, or Jhonen over the lake near Hrothgar house (location), and Hobart in Whistling Gallows Inn; This was changed to use TalkCount, so first the short name is used and later the long name (in idmain.exe it does not depend on TalkCount). See this thread for the actual logic. ar9708 of totl also shows a problem with this. And don't forget about MC_SHOWLONGNAME, which plays into this.

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