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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Checked: levels 1-8, some of the 9th

  • magic missile is too fast
  • detect evil sometimes shows the output several times for the same actors [noticed with summons]
  • recheck infravision in a night area
  • spooking a friendly summon has no panic effect (only the string is displayed)
  • hold spells and dominations have the on-succesful-hit animations displayed at the feet instead of over the head (most easily checked with mindflayers)
    • this was partly fixed, but the vertical offset is not perfect - need to figure out where to get appropriate data
  • check if wizard eye really forwards gaze attacks (did it in the original?)
  • spell deflection, is it supposed to have a globe or feet circle?
  • web has too fast child area “projectiles”
  • cone of cold applies the damage immediately, not when the drawn projectiles hit
  • tenser's tranformation also disables innates (has the effects). We do not differentiate non-spell/magic innates yet (could be just a prefix thing: spin vs spcl).
  • Protection From Magical Weapons can be cast if you have an active mantle RECHECK
  • timestop
    • no visible projectile suspension


  • miscast magic, restoration (wishpower14) have a bad projectile (not affecting everyone they should)


  • chant only affects the caster



  • the berserking innates have effects attached to display some warnings, but those are shown for everybody! Even if the original was so lame, it would be good to find a way of limiting it to party members



  • sppr319 Circle of Bones: flipped animation, missing most of the time


  • cone of cold doesn't work
  • Soul eater RECHECK if it should damage the caster (it does now) or if it can be cast at a point (now centered on the caster wherever you click)
  • Summon pomab (bad script interaction)


General notes

  • RECHECK cloudkill and stinking cloud don't draw any child projectiles
  • Lightning - no bouncing projectile + check bg1 if it has one at all.
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