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Current version: 0.8.5
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: 0.8.5 (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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Latest commit

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I am the resident Apple expert (or close enough rather). If you need help building for Mac or iOS I guess you should ask me

My Todo (no particular order)

  • Implement per-pixel scrolling for TextAreas
  • fix the drop-capitals.
  • fix chapter text
  • Write multitouch input layer.
  • catch the SDL_QUIT event and implement a cross platform dialog to warn about saving before quitting
  • refine mac cmake
  • create a new branch on github and commit xcode/ios stuff that doesnt belong in master
  • rewirte the mac cocoa wrapper. fix some problems with iOS wrapper.
  • reprogram touch input to work for both android and ios
  • finish iOS wrapper interface
  • remove SDL_TTF dependency in TTF plugin (use freetype directly)
  • finish font system rewrite (use individual glyphs, multi-byte support)
  • make a build bot slave for mac/ios

goals for next release (0.8.0)

  • Hot key fix
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