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 +Following is a list of cheats you can use during development of GemRB.
 +If you implement a new cheatkey, try to assign the same key as in the
 +original engine (if you implement a similar function).
 +This list can be incomplete and obsolete - for current status, look into
 +gemrb/​plugins/​Core/​GameControl.cpp,​ functions GameControl::​OnKeyRelease() ​
 +and GameControl::​Draw().
 +Cheat keys are enabled by default. To activate them, either type command
 +GemRB.EnableCheatKeys(1) on console (pops-up with CTRL+SPACE key combination),​
 +put EnableCheatKeys=1 in the GemRB config or Cheats=1 under game options in
 +baldur.ini/​icewind.ini/​torment.ini found in the top game directory.
 +GameControl control must be focused for the keys to be recognized, so it
 +might be needed to '​click'​ the GameControl (i.e. map) first.
 +  * Ctrl-A - Alters the animation ID of the actor. You have to hover your mouse over it.
 +  * Ctrl-Z - Same as Ctrl-A but backward
 +  * Ctrl-1 - Changes the armour level
 +  * Ctrl-S - Alters the stance (animation state) of the actor. You have to hover your mouse over it.
 +  * Ctrl-C - Force casts a hardcoded spell. The last selected actor is the caster and the target is the door/actor currently under the pointer. This currently casts knock (SPWI207).
 +  * Ctrl-D - Trap or trapped container pointed w/ mouse is disarmed.
 +  * Ctrl-J - Teleports (jumps) selected actors to current mouse position.
 +  * Ctrl-Q - The pointed actor will join the party.
 +  * Ctrl-K - Kicks the actor out of the party.
 +  * Ctrl-R - Resurrects pointed actor. If she's already alive, just heals.
 +  * Ctrl-T - Advances time by one hour.
 +  * Ctrl-V - Explores a small, random part of the pointed area.
 +  * Ctrl-Y - Kills pointed actor or unlocks the pointed door/​container,​ even if it requires a key.
 +  * Ctrl-P - Centers the viewport on the selected actor.
 +  * ALT    - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_CONTAINERS (show all containers and doors)
 +  * Ctrl-7 - Toggle drawing of Fog-Of-War (actually explored bitmap atm.) in GameControl.
 +  * Ctrl-F - Toggles fullscreen mode
 +  * Ctrl-G - Dumps the global (game) object. Currently shows only loaded areas.
 +  * Ctrl-M - Prints (on terminal or DOS window) useful info on pointed actor, door container or infopoint and current map
 +  * Ctrl-O - Marks current mouse position as start point (origin) for path drawn with Ctrl-B
 +  * Ctrl-B - Draws path from start point marked by Ctrl-O to current mouse position.
 +  * Ctrl-I - Triggers an interaction between the last pointed npc and a random party member.
 +  * Ctrl-L - Plays the S056ICBL animation over the actor. (This exists in PST only) TODO: iterate through animations, like the IE does.
 +  * Ctrl-X - Prints (on terminal or DOS window) name of current area script and current mouse position converted to game coordinates.
 +  * Ctrl-4 - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_INFOPOINTS (show all traps, infopoints and wallgroups)
 +  * Ctrl-6 - Toggles debug flag DEBUG_SHOW_LIGHTMAP (show the lightmap)
 +  * Ctrl-8 - Toggle drawing of searchmap over the area in GameControl.
 +  * TAB    - Sets debug flag DEBUG_XXX while pressed (unused)
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