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Current version: 0.8.2
iOS: 0.8.1+
Android: (Play/Market version is obsolete!)

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How can I help?

Programming and tinkering


  • Report problems, omissions, bugs and wishes on the forum or the bug tracker (see todo).
  • Add documentation to this wiki (see files distributed along with the code and the forum).
  • Participate in the forums and/or IRC chat helping other users and developers
  • Add cool screenshots or fanart to the gallery, videos to the video list.
  • Let us know of any articles, buzz or other materials you find about GemRB
  • Spread the word about the project; try to bring in new contributors
    • blog, vlog (Let's Play?), social media, give a talk …
    • undefined creative approaches
  • Improve the known problems page by providing solutions.
  • Organize a hackfest for us :)
  • Make a fantasy wiki design for use here.

Make a new game

Many people have asked if this is possible and the answer is: of course! GemRB may not be complete yet, but that doesn't stop you from starting to work on the graphics, sound, music, story, characters, items … A really basic demo has already been added and is bundled with the code, so a base is set.

Sure, this would be a huge project, but imagine having a Free game like any of the old IE classics!


  • DLTCEP: MS Windows viewer and editor for data files of the original games; runs on WINE, too
  • Near Infinity (latest): Java viewer and editor for data files of the original games
  • Unshield: extractor for .CAB files created by InstallShield


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