Table of Contents

Mod ideas

Separated by difficulty/time requirement. If you don't know how doable is your idea, just write it here and someone else will categorise it.

The completed mods mentioned here can be downloaded from a central repository. Check their individual pages for more information.


These mods are just configuration tweaks or file drop-ins. A few game tweaks can be achieved by simply toggling variables in gemrb.ini (check the note in the introduction to learn about the candidates).

Some of the table editing can be more complex due to the data involved. For example, to add brand new spells to the wild surge table, one would also have to create them first, not just replace the existing entries.




How to start

Since 0.8.0 GemRB is much easier to mod, since some of it files can now be overriden via the game's override folder, so you can use the usual WeiDU workflow. Here is a table of the common paths.

files present ingame moddable? search order
game/override yes weidu 2
gemrb/override yes manual2) / weidu+ModPath 1
gemrb/unhardcoded no weidu 3
whatever the game uses
requires write access to where gemrb is installed